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Received #29-32 – USA (x2), The Netherlands, England (Swap-bot)

Here are the letters I got from the ‘A week of letters’ swap. I only received 4 letters, but not worries. Here are the letters I sent.


Amy, England


Postman Pat!


Alex, USA

IMG_5395 IMG_5398

Love the panda and bunny sticker.


Simon, The Netherlands

IMG_5399 IMG_5400

Probably the weirdest letter I’ve ever received. Also the first from the opposite sex!


Raina, USA


Cutest envelope!

Sent #37 – Kelly, England (Swap-bot)


I joined a ‘summer bucket list’ swap. You can guess what the swap was, right? Yes, a summer bucket list: 20 things you wanted to do before the summer ended. I was super late sending this letter, so I tried extra hard to make it pretty. Don’t know if I succeeded, but it’s pretty good I think. But maybe I should drop the drawings next time…

IMG_6096 IMG_6097 IMG_6099

Received #24 – Natasha, Belgium (Swab-bot)


This is the letter I got from the ‘Vegan Penpal Swap’. Natasha sent me this wonderful letter, and as you probably can see she loves colours! I loved here letter, and I loved it even more when I saw that she had included moomin stickers (!!!). Seems like we got a lot in common, so I’m looking forward to writing more with here. (Here you can see what I sent.)

IMG_5412IMG_5414 IMG_5417


Received #21 – Pam, USA (Swap-bot)

Here is the letter I got for the ‘A letter, a postcard and a teabag’ swap. (Here you can see what I sent) I’ve never seen any of those teas before, so I was very happy. Snapple tea, fun!

IMG_5404 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5410

Sent #31 – Courtney, Norway (swap-bot)

IMG_5355 IMG_5360


I joinet a swap where you were making a ATC. I had never hear about ATC’s before, but found out it’s kinda like making small paintings, or making a picture in some other way. I thought “fun!” and joined. Now I know ATC is not my thing. I wanted to make something with my dried flowers, and first I did the green one. Yeah… Decided I needed to make a new one, and that I actually liked, even though is probably a little too simple. So I sent bought with a “sorry!”, and I’m never joining an ATC swap again.

Sent #30 – Seul, Korea (Swap-bot)

I joined a swap called ‘A letter, a postcard and a teabag’, so I think you can guess what I sent?


Sent #24 – Irmina, England (Swap-bot)

So, in May I joined some swaps on So far I think it’s a great site, but I’m not sure of I’ll be joining that many in the future. It’s not that fun when you spend a lot of time and energy on a letter, and then just recive one simple page back. And it also feels a little weird friting to older people/super grown ups, that I got matched with a couple of times. I don’t have that much in commen with people who have kids and full time job and all that stuff, so I never know what to write.

Anyway, it’s about time I start posting some of the letters I sent! This one was for the ‘Intro letter swap’, which was for the members on the new site Postal Society (which btw seems like a great site if you like snail mail, haven’t spent that much time on it yet!).

IMG_5274 IMG_5273 IMG_5276

Sent #21 – Mia, USA (Swap-bot)

Edit: I got this letter returned, and the person’s profile on swap-bot was deleted. Very strange…

sent 13.05.13

I’ve joined swap bot! It’s a site for people who like to send stuff. Not just letters, but postcards, art, photos, candy, anything! You just make a profile and then find some swaps you want to join  or look at other people’s profile and see if anyone are looking for people to write or swap with. It’s a nice place to find new pen pals, but also a nice place if you are looking for other stuff. Maybe you collect postcards and want to swap some with people from the other side of the world? Or maybe you want to try candy from other countries in exchange for sending some from your country back? Another fun part about swap bot is that the things you send get rated, which makes you want to do your best so you’ll recive the best score. (And if you don’t send what you promise you’ll be sorry, because everyone will know!)


The first swap I joined was a ‘Vegan Panpal Swap’, and my partner was Mia. This is my letter to her, which is also my first letter to USA!


I for once tried to have some sort of color theme, but not sure if I managed that. But I hope she will like this!


Are any of you on swap bot?