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Received #40 – Nina, Germany


This is one of those letters that make me go “YEY!” and “oh no…” at the same time.

‘YEY!’ because it’s an amazing letter with lots of goodies.
‘Oh no…’ because I’ll never be able to put anything just as good together back.

IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6400IMG_6402 IMG_6404 IMG_6407IMG_6408 IMG_6409

Sent #38 – Nina, Germany


I spilled some tea on some envelopes, and when they had dried I saw that they were still usable, so yey!


Received #22 – Nina, Germany

IMG_6213 IMG_6218

A pretty letter with a little packaged full of awesome stuff!

IMG_5558IMG_5559 IMG_5562IMG_5563

It included a stack of cards filled with summer feeling.


Sent #17 – Nina, Germany

sent 22.04.13


The yellow chinese envelope (and some others) was bought in china town in London. Forgott to show them in my “new snail mail stuff” post.

Received #6 – Nina, Germany

received 25.02.13


I love the envelope! And all the things it was filled with. Nice tag-things (allready used one), small playing cards with cute pictures, an old photo, and doilies!

nina3 nina6 nina4

Sent #9 – Nina, Germany

sent 30.01.13


Very weird mushroom set, I know. Actually forgot to take photos of this one, so Nina did it for me. Thank you!