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Sent #40 – Natasha, Belgium

sent 01.08.13 (or something like that)


Natasha sent me a really colorful letter, so I tried to be a little colorful back. Since I’m most comfortable with writing a black, I let some different letter sets do the color part.


And then I tried making a fancy envelope. It ended up looking like it was made by a 7 year old.


So I made a new one. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is glitter flakes in the paper. So pretty!

IMG_5647 IMG_5652

Received #24 – Natasha, Belgium (Swab-bot)


This is the letter I got from the ‘Vegan Penpal Swap’. Natasha sent me this wonderful letter, and as you probably can see she loves colours! I loved here letter, and I loved it even more when I saw that she had included moomin stickers (!!!). Seems like we got a lot in common, so I’m looking forward to writing more with here. (Here you can see what I sent.)

IMG_5412IMG_5414 IMG_5417