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Sent #33 – Kelly, USA

sent 01.08.13


Kelly moved home from Japan, so… yeah. I had a fight with my printer so I could finally send here some photos (even though they are in super crapy quality).


Received #16 – Kelly, Japan

received 03.05.13


Kelly’s letters are always fun, because there are always so much stuff! Even the envelope is full of details. Exploring here letters always make me want to put more work into mine.


Kelly is moving soon, so I got here new adresse on this cute note.


This is the back sides of the letter. Coooool!


My letters always feel super lame compared to hers. Guess I just have to work harder!


Sent #1 – Kelly, Japan

sent 30.01.13


A long letter with a thousand ‘sorry’s since it took me forever to answer (I actually wrote her an answer two times before this, but they were so bad I didn’t feel like sending them), a postcard, a photo, a little gift, and a homemade envelope. Hope it finds it way safely to Japan!