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Received #34 – Johanna, Norway


A super colorful envelope with the cutest cat paper.

IMG_6412 IMG_6414

Sent #42 – Johanna, Norway

IMG_6150 IMG_6152

Received #27 – Johanna, Norway


A letter with cute cats and balloon confetti!

Sent #36 – Johanna, Norway


I hope she likes ladybugs.

Received #19 – Johanna, Norway

received 22.05

IMG_5421 IMG_5422

Sent #18 – Johanna, Norway

sent 22.04.13


Used one of the letter sets I bought in London. There was only lines on one side, which I think is silly, especially when it only includes four sheets and two envelopes. I like to write letters longer then two small sheets, so I wrote in the backside too. And I managed to fit a postcard in the envelope after trimming the edges a little, haha.

Btw, here is an example of the cheesy stuff that was written on most of the letter sets I looked at in London. Not very pen pal friendly… “Sweetheart…you color my world with love.”


Sent #2 – Johanna, Norway

sent 30.01.13


Johanna got a letter written on this funny letter sett that I got for free when I ordered something else. Fashionable Dog, oh yeah! I guess he is french (is that whats make him fashionable?).