Received #17 – Trine Marie, Norway

I was finally starting to get up to date with the letters I posted, and then… I stopped posting, so now I’m really behind again. Ops! I’ve been very tired the last weeks, so bloging haven’t been a priority. Trying to start up again now. I’m sure soooo many people have missed me! ;)

received 09.05.13

IMG_4945 IMG_4947

Those envelopes are so cool, I need to but them as soon as my shopping stop is over. Really like how she used a photo to make a kind of front for the envelope.

IMG_4949 IMG_4950

And I love how she decorated the paper she wrote on. Just some plain paper with a simple washi tape at the top and bottom, and BAM! It looks super nice and cute, but still clean and simple. Perfect. So I’ve been very inspired by this and done it to almost all my resent letters, which you probably have noticed (or will notice).


5 Responses to “Received #17 – Trine Marie, Norway”

  1. Frida writes:

    wow, så fint og søtt brevet var! vakkert bilde i tillegg!

  2. Marlou writes:

    jeg savnet deg!

    og ja, om Trine Maries brev trenger vi vel ikke å si så mye mer :) de er ALLTID fine.

  3. Sara writes:

    i’ve missed your posts :)

  4. Michelle writes:

    Such lovely mail. I especially love th stamp!

  5. Elisabeth writes:

    Tusen takk for kommentar på bloggen min :) Jeg kommer sikkert ikke til å slette den, bare føler for det noen ganger når jeg er dårlig på å oppdatere.
    Jeg har en sånn “vellum”-konvolutt, sender den til deg jeg :)