Received #15 – Rikke, Norway

received 03.05.13


I’ve managed to lose our mailbox key. I don’t know how, but it’s gone. Luckily my super brave boyfriend asked the mailman one day he was delivering if we could get our mail. And there was two letters waiting for me, hurray! (Hopefully we’ll get a new key soon, but if I suddenly don’t answer your letters – thats why!)


One of the letters was from Rikke, with a cute post card, and awesome 3D stickers on the envelope.


Update: we got a new key now, hurray!

One Response to “Received #15 – Rikke, Norway”

  1. Marlou writes:

    å, fin!
    og hurra for nytt nøkkel. da må jeg vel snart skrive et brev til deg :)