I’m making a new category: stationary! I thought that would fit nice with the letter-them. I’ve been collecting stationary all my life. Stickers, pens, letter sets, writing paper, postcards, everything! As long as it fits in the stationary-category, I want it! I’ve asked myself so many times why, why do I get so happy walking into a book store where they have big shelfs full of pens, why does paper in different color make me silly, why do I love envelopes? I don’t know. Maybe it just means I should work in an office, but I can’t imagine getting any work done surrounded by so much stationary-fun! I’ve also always had trouble with using the stuff I’ve collected, or giving things away, so I still have letter sets that I got more then 10 years ago. It’s ridiculous. But, I know I’m not alone with this weird obsession, so I thought I would share it. I’m starting to get a big collection of things, so why not show some of it? Does that sound like a good idea?

First I would like to share this new thing. I picked this up on IKEA. It’s perfection.


Ok, maybe not perfection, it is after all made of cardboard. But that makes it cheap, so then it’s affordable. I’m not the only stationary obsessed girl that have dreamt all my life for something like this, right? I remember when I went to school when I was 12, I used to make mini versions of this that I had on my desk for erasers and paperclips and small stuff like that.  Now I finally have one that is useful.

Btw, it’s originally a pink pattern on it, but you can turn the drawers the other way so then everything is white. Yey!


Not sure what lucky things I’m gonna store in it yet, but so far my letter sets have gotten a nice home.


2 Responses to “stationary”

  1. sara writes:

    true,you are not alone in this obsession ;P
    i have a huge office and more than 50 per cent is paper to use in my letters or stuff i collect.
    stationery is a great love!

    tine katrine Reply:

    Good to know!