Sent #12 – Kelly, Japan

sent 05.04.13

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I found some old Diddl paper and decided to write on that, haha. Diddl was super popular here for like 10 years ago, and it lasted some years, so I still have a lot of those small notebooks that I collected. Don’t know if this is the right place to use them now though… Did you have Diddl where you live?

Anyway, this letter got super delayed since I forgot to send it before I went on vacation. So when I was back home I decided that I might as well write about our trip. I used postcards that I hade collected from our visit to write on and then taped them together so they made a little book. Think this was a better idéa then writing on Diddl-paper!

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  1. marlou writes:

    aaaaaaaaaaa elsker konvoluttet!