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Yes, I’m still alive. This took much longer then planned. First there was the holiday, then we got home and I had this crazy head ache for several days, and then there was lots of holiday-photos-editing, and then we suddenly got a dog. So this blog haven’t been my first priority in a while, but I’m trying to come back now. So now I want to show you the new snail mail stuff I bought while traveling!


Bought in Belgium, at ‘Hema’ and ‘Dille & Kamille’.


Small notepads (and sweets, haha).


Notebook, stickers that I think will be nice to write adresses on and put it on letters, pretty flags, mini clothespins, washi tape, and other cute tapes.


More note books! (Ok, not really snail mail stuff, but it’s stationary related…)


Cute post cards. Not sure if I’ll be able to give these away…


Wrapping paper, and panda stickers (but they are from London).


More stuff from London (Natural History Museum, a food marked, Artbox, and the Moomin shop!):


Very pretty post cards that I’ll have a really hard time giving away.


More post cards. This came in a box, and there was two of each, so I’ll be able to give some away (haha).




Letter sets! They had a lot more, but most of them were suppose to be written to someone you love, haha. They said things like “I love you to the moon and back”, and I think my pen pals would have found them a little weird…

IMG_4572 IMG_4571 IMG_4575 IMG_4570 IMG_4567 IMG_4566

Moomin moomin moomin! Notebook, tapes, wrapping paper, stickers and post cards. Sooo happy, I LOVE Moomin (hint hint to all my pen pals, haha).


I also bought extra postcards from the places we visited, so I can include them inn my letters. Forgot to bring my adress book, so didn’t get to send any post cards while traveling (except to mom!).

IMG_4630 IMG_4633

And I also got a lot of tube maps, thought that also would be a nice thing to include in the letters.



And thats it. (Was this a boring post?)

9 Responses to “new snail mail stuff”

  1. Sara writes:

    Not at all :)

    beautiful stationery stuff <3

  2. marlou writes:

    nei, dette var verdens beste innlegg!!! så gøy å se :D
    elsker alle de tingene du har kjøpt, særlig mummitingene (å?) og brevpapiret. tenk at det fortsatt finnes nonline sted hvor de kan kjøpes altså! tror jeg må dra en tur til London jeg også :)

    tine katrine Reply:

    Ja, det er veldig gøy når man finner butikker som har det!

  3. Hermine writes:

    That looks wonderful !

    As a student I always worked at “Dille & Kamille”, and now I sometimes still do. I recognize the things you bought there. :-)

    tine katrine Reply:

    It must be a wonderful place to work, I really liked that store!

  4. Elisse writes:

    OH MY GOD. This is like stationary heaven, what you have gathered there :-)

    tine katrine Reply:

    Haha! Yes, I’m pretty happy with it!

  5. Elisabeth writes:

    Kjedelig nei!! Sååå mye fint da! Det er synd det ikke går an å finne skikkelige snail mail stuff som ikke er grisedyrt i Norge :/ Eneste butikkene jeg finner litt på i Norge er TGR og Søstrene Grenes…

    tine katrine Reply:

    Ja, det er vel egentlig det eneste vi har i Norge. Nille har vel også litt. Ellers er ting veldig dyrt. Anbefaler å bestille fra nettet hvis du kan, etsy og ebay har mye :)