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A summary


So… this took forever. Is anyone still reading? I’ll make it quick.

In 2013 I sent 52 letters. 9 of them were through swap bot. The letters went to 11 different countries; Usa, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, England, South Korea, Italia, Russia and Japan. And Norway, which I sent 20 letters to/inn. Usa came second with 6 letters, and Germany third with 5 letters. The people I sent the most letters to were Rikke (norway), Kelly (japan/usa) and Nina (germany).

I received 50 letters. 7 of them through swap bot. From all the countries I sent to (except Italia and Russia), plus Finland and France (which I didn’t send any letters to). Again I received most from Norway, with Netherlands coming second  with 7 letters, and Usa and Belgium sharing third with 6 letters. The people I received the most from was again Rikke and Nina, plus Trine Marie (norway).

And thats it. I won’t be updating this blog any more now. It was a one year project, and I don’t want to continue it (which you have probably guessed). I will instead post some photos of letters once in a while on my other blog: