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Received #42 – Synne, France


This I actually received a good while ago, but I never posted it. It’s a small package form Synne from when she lived in France.

IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6198

Received #42 – Elisabeth, Norway


Elisabeth was super sweet and sent me a couple of those see-through-envelopes. THANK YOU!


Sent #44 – Jennie, USA


I ran out of the pretty paper and had to use one of the …less pretty ones. Yeah.

IMG_6915 IMG_6916

Received #41 – Marlou, Belgium


I need yellow envelopes. So bad. AND cute fox paper! And hippie van stickers…!

IMG_6417 IMG_6418IMG_6416

Received #40 – Nina, Germany


This is one of those letters that make me go “YEY!” and “oh no…” at the same time.

‘YEY!’ because it’s an amazing letter with lots of goodies.
‘Oh no…’ because I’ll never be able to put anything just as good together back.

IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6400IMG_6402 IMG_6404 IMG_6407IMG_6408 IMG_6409

Sent #43 – Magdalena, Singapore

IMG_6917 IMG_6918

Don’t really get the point with the head sticking out…? Didn’t know it was like that before I opened it. Weird!


Received #39 – Magdalena, Singapore


The front and back of the envelope I got from Magdalena. (Look at the stamp!!) Always nice when people answer there swap bot letter even if they don’t have to. You can see the swap I sent her here.


Received #34 – Johanna, Norway


A super colorful envelope with the cutest cat paper.

IMG_6412 IMG_6414

Received #38 – Jennie, USA

IMG_6304 IMG_6306IMG_6307 Untitled-1

Received #37 – Seul, South Korea


Seul sent me an answer to my swap bot letter, and I though the paper was so cute that each gets a photo.

IMG_6301 IMG_6302 IMG_6303