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Received #24 – Natasha, Belgium (Swab-bot)


This is the letter I got from the ‘Vegan Penpal Swap’. Natasha sent me this wonderful letter, and as you probably can see she loves colours! I loved here letter, and I loved it even more when I saw that she had included moomin stickers (!!!). Seems like we got a lot in common, so I’m looking forward to writing more with here. (Here you can see what I sent.)

IMG_5412IMG_5414 IMG_5417


Received #23 – Frida, The Netherlands


Frida sent me this big yellow envelope filled with goodness! A long letter written front and back (with very cute cupcake tape on the back), a couple of postcards, and some other treats.

IMG_5607 IMG_5613IMG_5608 IMG_5609

Received #22 – Nina, Germany

IMG_6213 IMG_6218

A pretty letter with a little packaged full of awesome stuff!

IMG_5558IMG_5559 IMG_5562IMG_5563

It included a stack of cards filled with summer feeling.


Sent #34 – Rikke, Norway


I hope she likes frogs.


Received #21 – Pam, USA (Swap-bot)

Here is the letter I got for the ‘A letter, a postcard and a teabag’ swap. (Here you can see what I sent) I’ve never seen any of those teas before, so I was very happy. Snapple tea, fun!

IMG_5404 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5410

Sent #33 – Kelly, USA

sent 01.08.13


Kelly moved home from Japan, so… yeah. I had a fight with my printer so I could finally send here some photos (even though they are in super crapy quality).


Received #20 – Irmina, England


I sent Irmina a letter trough a swap, and she liked my letter and asked if I wanted to keep writing with here. She wrote on this supercute paper (animals <3) and included a little book with facts about here.


A peek of one of the pages in the book. So cute stickers!


Sent #32 – Trine Marie, Norway

sent 16.06.3

IMG_5548 IMG_5550

Used my type writer for the first time this year when I wrote this.

Sent #31 – Courtney, Norway (swap-bot)

IMG_5355 IMG_5360


I joinet a swap where you were making a ATC. I had never hear about ATC’s before, but found out it’s kinda like making small paintings, or making a picture in some other way. I thought “fun!” and joined. Now I know ATC is not my thing. I wanted to make something with my dried flowers, and first I did the green one. Yeah… Decided I needed to make a new one, and that I actually liked, even though is probably a little too simple. So I sent bought with a “sorry!”, and I’m never joining an ATC swap again.



Hello snail mailers!

I’m still pretty tired (last letter took me 4 days to write), but I think I’m ready to come back. I have a lot of posts ready now, showing received and sent letters, so I still have some time to… charge? Now the autumn is right around the corner I’m hoping for lots of time (and energy) for letter writing. Not much else to do, right?

Hope you have had a good summer!