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Sent #24-29 – Singapore, Italy, USA, UK, Russia (Swap-bot)

I joined a swap where I was sending one letter everyday for a week (or, 5 days), so I figured I could post all the letters in one post! I thought this swap was gonna be fun, but it was actually just stressfull. I think maybe it would be more fun if you wrote to the same person for 5 days? Maybe not.


Maria, Russia



Leeanne, UK



Jennie, USA



Emanuela, Italy



Magdalena, Singapore


Sent #24 – Irmina, England (Swap-bot)

So, in May I joined some swaps on So far I think it’s a great site, but I’m not sure of I’ll be joining that many in the future. It’s not that fun when you spend a lot of time and energy on a letter, and then just recive one simple page back. And it also feels a little weird friting to older people/super grown ups, that I got matched with a couple of times. I don’t have that much in commen with people who have kids and full time job and all that stuff, so I never know what to write.

Anyway, it’s about time I start posting some of the letters I sent! This one was for the ‘Intro letter swap’, which was for the members on the new site Postal Society (which btw seems like a great site if you like snail mail, haven’t spent that much time on it yet!).

IMG_5274 IMG_5273 IMG_5276

Received #19 – Johanna, Norway

received 22.05

IMG_5421 IMG_5422

Received #18 – Rikke, Norway

So, seems like this is going to be “the summer with no sleep”. Ok, maybe not ‘no sleep’ as I usually get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every nigh. But my stupid drama queen body is all “OMG, 8 hours of sleep? More like 3 hours! How am I suppose to do anything today? Or the next day? Or the rest of the week?!”, and then I’m all “Well, maybe if you went to sleep right away instead of keeping my up for 3 hours watching the celling, and then didn’t make me wake up all the time when I finally am sleeping, then maybe we could actually have some energy to do something today?” But no. Body won’t listen. I’ve been sooo tired lattley, I haven’t even written any letters the last week. Or sent the ones I wrote the week before… Ops! So that why I didn’t start posting again when I said I would. All my energy goes to walking the dog, eating bananas, watching game of thrones and lying on the couch. Hopefully it will change soon.

received 29.05.13

IMG_5418 IMG_5419