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Received #17 – Trine Marie, Norway

I was finally starting to get up to date with the letters I posted, and then… I stopped posting, so now I’m really behind again. Ops! I’ve been very tired the last weeks, so bloging haven’t been a priority. Trying to start up again now. I’m sure soooo many people have missed me! ;)

received 09.05.13

IMG_4945 IMG_4947

Those envelopes are so cool, I need to but them as soon as my shopping stop is over. Really like how she used a photo to make a kind of front for the envelope.

IMG_4949 IMG_4950

And I love how she decorated the paper she wrote on. Just some plain paper with a simple washi tape at the top and bottom, and BAM! It looks super nice and cute, but still clean and simple. Perfect. So I’ve been very inspired by this and done it to almost all my resent letters, which you probably have noticed (or will notice).


Sent #23 – Rikke, Norway

sent 13.05.13



Sent #22 – Frida, The Netherlands / Norway

sent 13.05.13

IMG_4932 IMG_4939

Tried to use more of my different tapes for once. Not sure if I like the result, but at least it’s colorful.

IMG_4935 IMG_4934

Sent #21 – Mia, USA (Swap-bot)

Edit: I got this letter returned, and the person’s profile on swap-bot was deleted. Very strange…

sent 13.05.13

I’ve joined swap bot! It’s a site for people who like to send stuff. Not just letters, but postcards, art, photos, candy, anything! You just make a profile and then find some swaps you want to join  or look at other people’s profile and see if anyone are looking for people to write or swap with. It’s a nice place to find new pen pals, but also a nice place if you are looking for other stuff. Maybe you collect postcards and want to swap some with people from the other side of the world? Or maybe you want to try candy from other countries in exchange for sending some from your country back? Another fun part about swap bot is that the things you send get rated, which makes you want to do your best so you’ll recive the best score. (And if you don’t send what you promise you’ll be sorry, because everyone will know!)


The first swap I joined was a ‘Vegan Panpal Swap’, and my partner was Mia. This is my letter to her, which is also my first letter to USA!


I for once tried to have some sort of color theme, but not sure if I managed that. But I hope she will like this!


Are any of you on swap bot?

Sent #20 – Julie, Norway

sent 13.05.13


Wow. Notice how long it took me to send this. Or maybe, don’t. Don’t do it!


Hello Spring!


Right now it’s raining, so maybe not that springy right now, but it have been warm and some sun the last few weeks, which means…flowers! Which again means that it’s finally time to press some flowers again. I love to put some pressed flowers in my letters, does anyone else do that? I’m not sure if it’s that fun to receive, I’m afraid the flowers may be turned into dust before they arrive even when I trie to protect them. Have you received flowers from me or someone else? Did it go well, and did you like it?


This is how I do it, so the flowers don’t close up and end up looking like just a green plant with all the colours hidden. Probably very obvies, but maybe helpful for someone?


Now I’m going to the post office, in the rain. I’ve had some letters waiting to be sent for over a week now, I keep forgetting to bring them when I go out.

Received #16 – Kelly, Japan

received 03.05.13


Kelly’s letters are always fun, because there are always so much stuff! Even the envelope is full of details. Exploring here letters always make me want to put more work into mine.


Kelly is moving soon, so I got here new adresse on this cute note.


This is the back sides of the letter. Coooool!


My letters always feel super lame compared to hers. Guess I just have to work harder!


Sent #19 – Charis, Englad

sent 22.04.13


My first letter to Charis. I wasn’t suppose to get a new pen pal, but when I found someone that I had so much in common with I couldn’t resist. Two major things is that we are both vegan and we both got the wonderful disease CFS/ME. We also have a lot of interest in common, so I think this will be fun!


Received #15 – Rikke, Norway

received 03.05.13


I’ve managed to lose our mailbox key. I don’t know how, but it’s gone. Luckily my super brave boyfriend asked the mailman one day he was delivering if we could get our mail. And there was two letters waiting for me, hurray! (Hopefully we’ll get a new key soon, but if I suddenly don’t answer your letters – thats why!)


One of the letters was from Rikke, with a cute post card, and awesome 3D stickers on the envelope.


Update: we got a new key now, hurray!

Sent #18 – Johanna, Norway

sent 22.04.13


Used one of the letter sets I bought in London. There was only lines on one side, which I think is silly, especially when it only includes four sheets and two envelopes. I like to write letters longer then two small sheets, so I wrote in the backside too. And I managed to fit a postcard in the envelope after trimming the edges a little, haha.

Btw, here is an example of the cheesy stuff that was written on most of the letter sets I looked at in London. Not very pen pal friendly… “Sweetheart…you color my world with love.”