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Received #4 – Julie, Norway

received 05.02.13


Received #3 – Ingvild, Norway

received 10.02.13



There had been a while since I had heard from Ingvild, so it was nice to hear from her again. I liked the photo (above), and the colors (below) on the letter. I think it might have been an accident, that the letter have gotten wet during its travel… A nice accident I think.



Sent #6 – Trine Marie, Norway

sent 05.02.12



I never feel that my letters get as pretty as the once I recive from Trine Marie. I’m crossing my fingers that she doesn’t think so, and that the photos make it look worse then it actually is.



Received #2 – Frida, Netherlands (/Norway)

received 01.02.13

Skjermbilde 2013-02-23 kl. 4.21.39 PM


So far I’ve received 4 letters this year. Not that much, haha. I guess people are busy with taking the new year by storm! One who was not that busy is Frida. Got this letter a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived in a funny plastic pocket since it had been damaged during its travel (which led to the bracelett she sent with it to go missing :( ).


Skjermbilde 2013-02-23 kl. 4.20.38 PM


Luckily the rest of the letter was ok, and it was very pretty! I really liked the 3D Lion King sticker, haha! (Took some of the photos in the sunset, which was not that good of an idéa that I thought, haha. Hello yellow photos!)


Skjermbilde 2013-02-23 kl. 4.21.06 PM

Sent #5 – Eva, Belgium

sent 05.02.13


Eva contacted me a while ago and wondered if I would do a letter swap (just sending each other one letter), and I said “of course!”. I received her letter months ago, but since I was busy moving, then celebrating christmas, and then being sick, my answer took a while. Finally I got to write it, and I hope she liked it!


(And hurray, finally some “real” photos!)

If you want to do a letter swap with me, send me an e-mail: !

4 year old letters


I’m visiting home this week, and I’ve been going through some old boxes to sort out what things I want to keep. Found all these letters and cards in one that are mostly 4 years old, which I got when I went to school in another city. A lot of pen pals I haven’t heard from in a while, so thought I would contact them to find out why the letters stopped. Probably I forgot to answer them one time, I really sucked at keeping my letters organized before.

Sent #4 – Nora, Norway



sent 05.02.13



Yeah… Once again, sorry for the crappy and boring photo. When I said that the photo quality would get worse, I didn’t mean this bad, haha. My excuse is that I don’t have any good place to take photos now, and the light in our apartment is crap. Hopefully I will get a better photo spot aka new desk soon, and some better lighting! This wasn’t an exciting letter though, so you didn’t miss anything by the crappy photo.

And sorry for the crappy English. But I’m bloging, at least!

(Oh, and yes, next letter post will have photos taken with a real camera!!!)

Received #1 – Trine Marie, Norway

received 17.01.13

First letter I received this year (and to my new apartment) was from Trine Marie. I loved the cute little owl and the embossed flower on the paper.

Sent #3 – Julie, Norway

sent 30.01.13

Boring photo, I know. The one to the left is my answer to Julie (her letter is on the right. Cute squirrels!). Will show more photos of the set I used another time.

Sent #2 – Johanna, Norway

sent 30.01.13


Johanna got a letter written on this funny letter sett that I got for free when I ordered something else. Fashionable Dog, oh yeah! I guess he is french (is that whats make him fashionable?).