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New stuff

I’ve gone a bit crazy lately and bought a lot of new stuff. (I’m very glad that my favorite shops are also the cheapest ones!). First stuff from Tiger:


Pretty candy, heart stickers, and mini garlands. Really regret that I didn’t buy more of those, they are already sold out.


Letter template


Tape (one of them is with sheeps!), pretty string, a ruler, and cards.


Washi tape! Wish they didn’t sell them in packages, I didn’t want all 3 in every pack.


Pretty paper, clips shapes as hangers, and fabric strawberries.


Lollipops, pretty photos (still don’t know what they are called in english) and washi tape (I bought this before the others, so I now have two of this since it was in one of the packs).

The rest is from Søstrene Grene. (Hm, people are gonna start thinking I’m sponsored by them…)


Pretty paper, strings, and… more strings.


Washi tape. They keep getting in new pretty ones…


Paper “bags” and stickers.


Envelopes, in gold and black.


Crazy stickers!




Mini clothespin and big clips.


Also got this pretty boxes, and this stapler that kinda looks like a rabit:


Old letter sets

I’ve mentioned how I didn’t like to use up things when I was little, right? If not; When I was little I didn’t like to use up things. ‘Didn’t like’ doesn’t really cover it, I hated it. Notepads, pens, stickers, postcards ++. If I thought something was pretty, I didn’t like to use them in fear of it running out. I’m actually still like that, but I’m trying to work in it. Pretty things are meant to by used Tine, there is no point in letting them dust away in the drawers. Anyway! Because of that I’m today stuck with a lot of things that I thought was awesome then, but isn’t really my taste now. In those things are a lot of letter sets, and I thought it would be a good idea to show them to you.


First of we have the super colourful ones that I bought on Nille. They were pretty cheap, so I got all the designs. Obviously! I kinda think they are still a little cute, at least the frogs and fishies. I think the bumblebee was my favourite one, I remember you could get notebooks and pens and everything in the same design. Awesome, right?

IMG_5425 IMG_5622 IMG_5625 IMG_5627 IMG_5710


And then there are some other colourful ones, which I really don’t like now, and don’t really know what I’m gonna do with.

IMG_5716 IMG_5718


Here you can see me starting on a letter. Twice. I was probably 8-10 years when I wrote it, haha.

IMG_5728 IMG_5740IMG_5720


This set I got at a disney store in London or Paris or something like that. It’s actually in pretty good quality, both the sheets and envelopes are in thick paper, and the bumblebees are in “gold”, and the lines are embossed. Pretty fancy, right? To bad they got Pooh on them.



Next is one I actually didn’t like then, but find pretty awesome now. Haha, look at them!

IMG_5724 IMG_5725


This one I really liked. I don’t know why…

IMG_5727 IMG_5742


This was also one of my favourites. Flowers, yey! And they came in this pretty box that I can now use for other things since it’s empty.

IMG_5711 IMG_5712
And another flowery one that I don’t think I liked before, but now I think it’s very pretty.



And now to my number one favourite. I remember having this since I was 6-7 years. So I’ve been saving this for over 15 years. That’s crazy!

IMG_5729 IMG_5732 IMG_5736


Did/do you have trouble with using the things you like? And do you still have something snail mail stuff from when you were little?

New stuff

Since I’ve been having a shopping stop, I haven’t been able to buy any new snail mail stuff. Oh the PAIN! I can’t open ebay or etsy, I just end up in a corner, crying. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but I’ve missed being allowed to by new washi tapes and other pretty stuff, so when I got some money for my birthday I knew what I wanted to spend some of them on.


Pretty papaer and envelopes. Bought some light green ones for a change, and I like them better then I thought I would.


You can never get enough note books, right?


Some pretty plastic tape that I already have, but I like it so much that I decided to stock up.


Postcards and black pens.


Washi tape! The blue/green one looks boring, until you use it:


I got everything at Søstrene Grene.


I’m making a new category: stationary! I thought that would fit nice with the letter-them. I’ve been collecting stationary all my life. Stickers, pens, letter sets, writing paper, postcards, everything! As long as it fits in the stationary-category, I want it! I’ve asked myself so many times why, why do I get so happy walking into a book store where they have big shelfs full of pens, why does paper in different color make me silly, why do I love envelopes? I don’t know. Maybe it just means I should work in an office, but I can’t imagine getting any work done surrounded by so much stationary-fun! I’ve also always had trouble with using the stuff I’ve collected, or giving things away, so I still have letter sets that I got more then 10 years ago. It’s ridiculous. But, I know I’m not alone with this weird obsession, so I thought I would share it. I’m starting to get a big collection of things, so why not show some of it? Does that sound like a good idea?

First I would like to share this new thing. I picked this up on IKEA. It’s perfection.


Ok, maybe not perfection, it is after all made of cardboard. But that makes it cheap, so then it’s affordable. I’m not the only stationary obsessed girl that have dreamt all my life for something like this, right? I remember when I went to school when I was 12, I used to make mini versions of this that I had on my desk for erasers and paperclips and small stuff like that.  Now I finally have one that is useful.

Btw, it’s originally a pink pattern on it, but you can turn the drawers the other way so then everything is white. Yey!


Not sure what lucky things I’m gonna store in it yet, but so far my letter sets have gotten a nice home.