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Sent #42 – Johanna, Norway

IMG_6150 IMG_6152

Sent #41 – Frida, The Netherlands


It’s so nice to one in a while be lacy and just write on a letter set. I used my creativity on numbering the pages:

IMG_6912 IMG_6913

Sent #35 – Marlou, Netherlands


A pretty envelope that I totally ruined with the tape…

IMG_5946 IMG_5950

Sent #40 – Natasha, Belgium

sent 01.08.13 (or something like that)


Natasha sent me a really colorful letter, so I tried to be a little colorful back. Since I’m most comfortable with writing a black, I let some different letter sets do the color part.


And then I tried making a fancy envelope. It ended up looking like it was made by a 7 year old.


So I made a new one. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is glitter flakes in the paper. So pretty!

IMG_5647 IMG_5652

Sent #39 – Irmina, England


Sent #38 – Nina, Germany


I spilled some tea on some envelopes, and when they had dried I saw that they were still usable, so yey!


Sent #37 – Kelly, England (Swap-bot)


I joined a ‘summer bucket list’ swap. You can guess what the swap was, right? Yes, a summer bucket list: 20 things you wanted to do before the summer ended. I was super late sending this letter, so I tried extra hard to make it pretty. Don’t know if I succeeded, but it’s pretty good I think. But maybe I should drop the drawings next time…

IMG_6096 IMG_6097 IMG_6099

Sent #36 – Johanna, Norway


I hope she likes ladybugs.

Sent #34 – Rikke, Norway


I hope she likes frogs.


Sent #33 – Kelly, USA

sent 01.08.13


Kelly moved home from Japan, so… yeah. I had a fight with my printer so I could finally send here some photos (even though they are in super crapy quality).