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Sent #52 – Kelly, USA


Sent #51 – Trine Marie, Norway

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Sent #50 – Rikke, Norway

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Sent #49 – Jennie, USA

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Sent #48 – Melissa, Belgium

Photo-10.10.2 Photo-10.10

Sent #47 – Marlou, Netherlands


Sent #46 – Nina, Germany

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Sent #45 – Rikke, Norway

Photo-11.09 Photo-11.09-2

Sent #44 – Jennie, USA


I ran out of the pretty paper and had to use one of the …less pretty ones. Yeah.

IMG_6915 IMG_6916

Sent #43 – Magdalena, Singapore

IMG_6917 IMG_6918

Don’t really get the point with the head sticking out…? Didn’t know it was like that before I opened it. Weird!