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Received #28 – Marlou, Belgium


When I got this I thought “wow, what an cool envelope!”, and then I realised that it was just an ordinary envelope with the borders coloured. Hurray for creative Marlou! It was filled with cute stickers and a postcard from here trip to portugal.


Received #27 – Johanna, Norway


A letter with cute cats and balloon confetti!

Received #26 – Rikke, Norway


Love here simple letters!

Received #25 – Trine Marie, Norway


A letter from Trine Marie, as beautiful as always. Loved the stickers and… I don’t know what ‘glansbilder’ is in english?


Received #24 – Natasha, Belgium (Swab-bot)


This is the letter I got from the ‘Vegan Penpal Swap’. Natasha sent me this wonderful letter, and as you probably can see she loves colours! I loved here letter, and I loved it even more when I saw that she had included moomin stickers (!!!). Seems like we got a lot in common, so I’m looking forward to writing more with here. (Here you can see what I sent.)

IMG_5412IMG_5414 IMG_5417


Received #23 – Frida, The Netherlands


Frida sent me this big yellow envelope filled with goodness! A long letter written front and back (with very cute cupcake tape on the back), a couple of postcards, and some other treats.

IMG_5607 IMG_5613IMG_5608 IMG_5609

Received #22 – Nina, Germany

IMG_6213 IMG_6218

A pretty letter with a little packaged full of awesome stuff!

IMG_5558IMG_5559 IMG_5562IMG_5563

It included a stack of cards filled with summer feeling.


Received #21 – Pam, USA (Swap-bot)

Here is the letter I got for the ‘A letter, a postcard and a teabag’ swap. (Here you can see what I sent) I’ve never seen any of those teas before, so I was very happy. Snapple tea, fun!

IMG_5404 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5410

Received #20 – Irmina, England


I sent Irmina a letter trough a swap, and she liked my letter and asked if I wanted to keep writing with here. She wrote on this supercute paper (animals <3) and included a little book with facts about here.


A peek of one of the pages in the book. So cute stickers!


Received #19 – Johanna, Norway

received 22.05

IMG_5421 IMG_5422