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Received #50 – Rikke, Norway

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Received #49 – Trine Marie, Norway

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Received #48 – Kelly, USA

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Received #47 – Marlou, The Netherlands

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Received #46 – Melissa, Belgium

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Received #45 – Rikke, Norway

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Received #44 – Hanne, Norway


Both Hanne and I adopted a dog on 2013, so when she sent me a letter it was off course full of doggies!

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Received #43 – Jennie, USA

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Received #42 – Synne, France


This I actually received a good while ago, but I never posted it. It’s a small package form Synne from when she lived in France.

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Received #42 – Elisabeth, Norway


Elisabeth was super sweet and sent me a couple of those see-through-envelopes. THANK YOU!