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A summary


So… this took forever. Is anyone still reading? I’ll make it quick.

In 2013 I sent 52 letters. 9 of them were through swap bot. The letters went to 11 different countries; Usa, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, England, South Korea, Italia, Russia and Japan. And Norway, which I sent 20 letters to/inn. Usa came second with 6 letters, and Germany third with 5 letters. The people I sent the most letters to were Rikke (norway), Kelly (japan/usa) and Nina (germany).

I received 50 letters. 7 of them through swap bot. From all the countries I sent to (except Italia and Russia), plus Finland and France (which I didn’t send any letters to). Again I received most from Norway, with Netherlands coming second  with 7 letters, and Usa and Belgium sharing third with 6 letters. The people I received the most from was again Rikke and Nina, plus Trine Marie (norway).

And thats it. I won’t be updating this blog any more now. It was a one year project, and I don’t want to continue it (which you have probably guessed). I will instead post some photos of letters once in a while on my other blog:

Sorry for spamming!

I just really wanted to get the last posts out and be done with it. Now I think I’ve posted all the letters received and sent in 2013 (just have to double check!), so I’m gonna make a letter-2013-summary soon. Stay tuned, haha.

Returned letter

I love spending lots of time writing a letter and decorating everything, and then get it returned. So much fun! Not.


I got the letter I sent for the ‘Vegan Penpal’ swap returned, and when I checked the persons profile it was deleted. Yey…




Hello snail mailers!

I’m still pretty tired (last letter took me 4 days to write), but I think I’m ready to come back. I have a lot of posts ready now, showing received and sent letters, so I still have some time to… charge? Now the autumn is right around the corner I’m hoping for lots of time (and energy) for letter writing. Not much else to do, right?

Hope you have had a good summer!


When I was too tired to even read the letters I got, I realised it was time for a break. It also took me over a week to post the last letters I wrote. Don’t you just hate that? (I’m not alone, am I?) They are lying there ready, but every time I go out I forget them. So annoying. So yeah, I’m on a mini break. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!


Summer is busy. I’m so behind on my snail mail, in all ways: reading, writing, photographing, posting… So while I’m trying to catch up, here are some photos of my desk.

20130709-193535 20130709-193509

Hello Spring!


Right now it’s raining, so maybe not that springy right now, but it have been warm and some sun the last few weeks, which means…flowers! Which again means that it’s finally time to press some flowers again. I love to put some pressed flowers in my letters, does anyone else do that? I’m not sure if it’s that fun to receive, I’m afraid the flowers may be turned into dust before they arrive even when I trie to protect them. Have you received flowers from me or someone else? Did it go well, and did you like it?


This is how I do it, so the flowers don’t close up and end up looking like just a green plant with all the colours hidden. Probably very obvies, but maybe helpful for someone?


Now I’m going to the post office, in the rain. I’ve had some letters waiting to be sent for over a week now, I keep forgetting to bring them when I go out.

Easter holiday

I’m currently on a looong Easter holiday, so that’s why it’s been so quiet here lately. My boyfriend and I left for Brussels on the 21th, and then we went to London on the 26th. We are going back home 1st of April, and I’m really looking forward to writing some letters again. I’ve bought a lot of cute snail mail stuff here in London, I’ll show you when I’m back home!

Hope you are all having a nice Easter :)

New year, new start!

It’s been very quiet here the last months, the blog got an unplanned pause. I’ve been very busy (you can read about it on my other blog), and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this blog. I knew I wanted a letter blog, I just didn’t know how I wanted it to be. But I think I’ve figured it out now!

I’ve recently moved, and it’s a new year now, so I thought a new start is appropiate. So I deleted all (the few, haha) old posts that was here. Now the plan is to document every letter I recive and send. I want to see how many letters I managed to send this year, and this will be a nice way to keep count, I think!

I’m also planning on showing the new letter stuff I buy (and maybe some of the things I allready got), document some postcrossing, and maybe show some of my old letters.

And I’m gonna try my best on not being a perfectionist, especially on the photos. I spend way to much time trying to take the perfect photo and then editing it in photoshop and bla bla bla. Which just make me not want to blog since it takes so much time and energy… So there will probably be more iphone photos, and simple posts. So, I’m hoping less perfectionist = more posts. And that’s ‘yey’, right? I’m usually all for ‘quality over quantity’, but I’m hoping by lowering the quality a little the quantity will go up up up.

Wish me luck! Hopefully I will finally be able to keep this blog going. I feel inspired!